If you do not have insurance and would like to participate in our VIP(VeryImportantPatient) Program, now is the time! We created our "No Insurance, No Problem" VIP dental savings plan several years ago with great results! Many of our non-insurance patients took advantage of this program and are enjoying the many benefits such as:

  • Two exams per year.
  • Cavity detecting x-rays annually.
  • Fluoride treatments for patients under 16 years of age.
  • Discounts on related treatments such as periodontal cleanings, sealants(for children) and teeth whitening kits.
  • We also offer $500 off our orthodontic treatments with this plan.
  • Most other services not included in the VIP program are offered at a reduced rate that will help patients save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in dental treatment!
  • Best of all there are no deductibles, claims or monthly premiums.
  • We also include free consultations for patients considering our mini dental implants - and most other more involved treatment plans.

This is a great opportunity to get your necessary dental work done, affordably!

Our fee for this program is simply $275 per person, per year, which is an outstanding offer!

If you have any questions, any of our terrific team members are available to explain our VIP program to you and its many benefits, so don't hesitate and call us this week!

Also, a reminder for all patients due AND overdue to get checkups and cleanings scheduled for the summer. Now that we are all somewhat "back to normal" our schedule will fill up quickly, and clean and healthy teeth are essential to good health!