How Are Dental Implants Placed?

Your teeth have roots that extend into your jawbone. When a tooth comes out, it leaves behind a socket where the root once was. One of the reasons a dental implant is so good for you is that it includes an artificial root, which is surgically placed in that socket, to replace the lost root. Over time, the bone tissue fuses with the artificial root to get the same strength and durability as any natural tooth. You will need enough healthy bone tissue there to safely fuse with the implant, but in case your bone is thin or too unhealthy, we can perform a bone graft to fix that.

What Are “Invisible Braces”?

“Invisible braces” can refer to two orthodontic treatments, both of which we offer. Clear ceramic braces are much like traditional braces and use brackets and wires to move your teeth. But they are much harder to see, because the wires are white and the brackets are clear instead of metal. The other treatment is Invisalign, which does the same great job as braces but with clear plastic trays you wear over your teeth. Once in, they are almost invisible.

Do Dentures Fall Out While Eating Like I Heard?

Traditional removable dentures are held in place by the shape of the mold fitting over your gums and a special, nontoxic adhesive. However, that means dentures can sometimes shift in your mouth or even come out. To hold them securely in place, our dentists can combine dentures with dental implants. Your dentures will be locked in place by a series of implanted roots, making sure they cannot fall out unexpectedly.

What Is Twilight Sleep Sedation?

Dental anxiety is real, so we offer sedation dentistry at our Leesburg, VA dental office. Our twilight sleep sedation is administered through an IV and relaxes you to the point where you will fall in and out of sleep. You’re not quite awake, but you’re not quite asleep — you exist in a twilight between the two.